Hi I'm Sonny and I'm new!

Hi I'm Sonny and I'm new!


Hello! I’m Sonny and I’m teaching myself to code. I’m becoming more technical everyday I am interested in find income or work in IT. So I’ve started here. I really appreciate all the help everyone is giving.


sounds good. welcome!


Hi Sonny! Welcome! I am also new. Good luck!


Hi Sonny and welcome! I’m a coder by hobby, but who knows? Maybe it’ll offer job opportunities!

This is a great resource. Don’t hesitate to ask question! I’ve gotten a ton of help here.


Welcome to Free Code Camp Sonny.


Hey Sonny, I’m new too. My husband started coding before me, but I thought I’d learn so I understand what he talks about! Maybe he and I will work together in web stuff one day soon!