Hi need advice as a begginer in programming

Hi need advice as a begginer in programming


Yes, Python is a really easy programming language that is used by Dropbox, and is often used for making games (by beginners at any rate). Python was the very first language I used, and am glad I did, because it will teach you the basics of almost any coding language in a very easy way. Recommended for beginners.


JavaScript is capable of a lot of things, it is used in web development, to make programs, among other things. I think JavaScript is the most used programming language, among others.


Yes, and with Java. They are both good languages.


As my mom would say: Google it!


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I would say if you already have a solid understanding of the basic fundamentals of software development, and have no interest in machine learning, to just skip Python and don’t look back unless you need it. It is super-easy to pick up.

JavaScript, however, has a very fractured landscape and being on top of all things JavaScript is not that easy. JavaScript is moving FAST. Spurred on by the demands of users and interactive content creators, developers of browsers are improving their javascript compilers to be the fastest. The ECMAScript (ES/JS) specification keeps changing. There are rising and falling JS frameworks and best practices, and that’s just the front-end. Javascript is increasingly used beyond the browser, such as powering back-ends using nodejs. JAva Script is being used to develop mobile apps and is even being used on increasing amount of IoT devices. To put it simply, even with universities and colleges now offering JS as part of CS curriculum, the demand for JavaScript developers is not expected to dissipate any time soon.

While Python is very popular with the Machine Learning crowd, and is a very pleasant language to work with, The opportunities available pale by comparison, especially if you don’t know what field (of development) you’d be looking to hone.

Also you’ll find lots more resources for javascript.


First off, if you want to learn some serious coding, Im going to be brutally honest here, use Udemy. Freecodecamp is a place to practice, no offense I respect the site. I reccomend you go into PHP/Javascript because it is a field where there are jobs available! Older devs who want smth new use python, remember, stick with the popular, and not the latest and hottest. C++ is quite good for IT jobs and shell scripting. javascript will be WAYYYYYY easier for you because its syntax is similar to that of C++. Python is like a pain in the butt to use

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