Honestly critique my product landing page please!

Honestly critique my product landing page please!

Just don’t look at my code because I haven’t cleaned it up yet :weary: lol


edited to add that I didn’t make it readable on a mobile phone :pensive:. Any help with that would be nice as well

You may fix the relative position of the video.
If you scale your page, the video position is moving.

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Hi @jellie! Your page looks great on desktop, but as you said, it really falls apart on a mobile screen.

One of the ways to deal with this is to use percentages instead of pixels. Also, consider putting your styles in the CSS box; it will make it easier to read your HTML.

And you should consider making the disclaimer text a bit smaller. It looks a bit awkward so large. You should also add a background to your navbar. It is hard to see when you start moving through the page.

Also, I’m not sure why but none of the pictures showed up on my computer.

But like I said, the page looks pretty good in desktop view. Keep up the good work. :+1:

@montanio19 Thank you so much for this feedback!! I will go and fix that :hugs:

@Code_Camper this is so helpful!! I truly appreciate each point that was made and will work on each one- thank you! :hugs:

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