How can a person outside US get coding experience via non-profits

How can a person outside US get coding experience via non-profits


Please let me know how to get experience via non-profits as I am not based in the US


I don’t think it matters where you live. Do you see something excluding anyone not residing in the U.S.?


Is there an easy way of finding non-profit work? I had a quick search but can’t find anything easy and simple. Unless I’m missing something super obvious.


The non-profit work available through freeCodeCamp is only for those who have completed all of the requisite certifications - front-end, data-viz, backend, and full-stack. You may be able to find local groups offering volunteer opportunities.


thanks for the reply. Let me make it more specific. Can someone get to work on non-profit projects thru FCC even though they stay outside the US and gain experience


I don’t see what where you live has to do with anything. As long as you can communicate with the organization and your coding partner, who is to say you can’t code because of where you live? There are people using FCC from all around the world. I have a friend here in the states who strictly hires people from the middle east simple because they are cheaper, he doesn’t care where they live.


I am one of the 2 Project Managers for FreeCodeCamp, We have worked with developers from Germany, Sweden, Small islands in the south pacific, Brazil, Canada, India and others across the word. All the PM’s are east cost America but we have around the clock availability. (My rule is 6A-Midnight Eastern time Midnight to 6A by 24hr advanced appointment only. even then 1 or 2 AM is still Okay.)

So, we do our best to help you, and our non-profits.