How do FCC owners profit from the website?

How do FCC owners profit from the website?


The the website is great and I have taken a lot of different courses from different websites. - Name a website which offers programming courses and I took one in it.
This website has a unique teaching method, its projects are very helpful and I can notice that a lot of time was spent in order to find the best way to teach the material.
So do the owners profit from the website? Because I can’t find any commercials or something that the owners can earn from.
Anyway, I am very grateful to the owners of the website and the fact that this website is totally free is very appreciable.


FCC is open source. The website and program is built by individuals like you and me who donate their time and efforts free of charge. You can read more here



Wow I’m really impressed. I didn’t know that this could exist without Any donations. This makes me want to finish the projects and start some nonprofits projects.


I have to say it’s pretty amazing! Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or concerns please let us know ! Thanks and see you around my fellow camper :slight_smile:


This is amazing :relaxed: It’s pretty motivating stuff.


It impresses me as well. The job market is so competitive (or maybe that’s just media fodder); the fact that professionals love to share knowledge is awesome.


Can’t express my gratitude enough for this project and it’s contributors!!