How do you change your Username

How do you change your Username


How do u change your username?


PM me the new username that you want.

Or just drop your desired username on this thread. I might log out after a while and I’ll miss your PM for a couple hours. At least some other mod might pick it up while I’m out.


New username is: Snugzrules. Thx


Done. I knight you @Snugzrules


Thank you


Hey! Would you help me change my freeCodeCamp Username aswell? Right now it’s ‘23beyblade’, but I would like it to be changed to ‘StrategyIsKey’. I couldn’t find another solution, but I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!


Can you please change my name to “JarOfPickles”? Thank you.


hey man, any chance you could change mine to dk34


I christen thee dk34