How I became a software developer without a degree

How I became a software developer without a degree


My goal for this video is to encourage you. Please let me know if it did.


Great video, I enjoyed everything except the intro song. I would recommend removing that for followup video’s.

Glad you made it and keep chugging along.


You’re very open minded regarding the comment about burger king and being happy. But saying you’re perpetually hungry is such a key to being a good developer!

Focus is my problem. I want to do everything. But I shouldn’t. I need to start sleeping earlier.

In any case grats on your double the median salary! You rock!


Thanks a lot for the feedback! I tried to remove the intro music because obviously it is way too loud and annoying. I have learned from this mistake and am now making less annoying videos lol


OMG I totally get what you mean when you say you want to do everything! Thank you for the love and great feedback.

You keep up the good work your self. Cheers :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed your video and how you tell the truth of how hard it was for you to push through the storms of life. I also appreciate how you are real with how long it took you to get where you want to be and all the hoops you had to jump through. A lot of time on the internet we see the Unicorn story of how someone became a developer in less than 6 months. That does happen but I think the reality points to it being much more of a journey than that. Thanks!


@ColtonHibbert thanks buddy. I love the feedback. I want to apologize about the music being so loud in the video lol.