How I Got My Dream Job (with resources) UPDATE

How I Got My Dream Job (with resources) UPDATE


Yeah I don’t really have many resources on node because most are outdated now as I started learning that nearly at the beginning. Nodeschool has some pretty awesome stuff, I know FCC speaks about them highly.


He’s a fantastic teacher. He really digs deep into the topic so you understand how and why things are the way they are.


Congratulations on your new job! It sounds like you really put in the time and effort, and not only worked hard but worked smart.

We recently added a Review category to our forum, and it will allow you to assign each resource 1-5 stars. Other campers can reply and leave star ratings of their own and it will average them.

When you get a moment, could you create posts in the “reviews” category with a star rating and maybe one or two paragraph review for all these different resources you used?

For example, Code School’s Node course would be one specific resource (rather than trying to review Code School as a whole).

This would be a huge help for us kicking off this new category, and it sounds like you’re familiar with a wide gamut of resources, so you’re the perfect person to do this.


Congratulations on your new job man! I read the whole thing and glad to see so much resources too!


Awesome story thanks for the tips and inspiration


Very inspiring story. Hope to join you in the field someday soon!


I’d love to! Fantastic idea of a forum as well. I will congregate a few more resources that I remembered after writing this post also.


Work hard and you will, I promise!


Congrats on the new job! I agree, the Medium post may be helpful for a lot of people.


Sorry for the delay on the medium post and resource reviews. Came down with a pretty nasty flu but expect it all to be up by the weekend. I spent last night listing more resources that I utilized :slight_smile:


I have to disagree with that. The docs are extremelly outdated. I had to learn react to do a project at my job, and the docs are horrible.


They actually just updated them to ES6!


Hi Always want to get a chance to show my appreciation to you.

For providing such a great platform to us and link each of us up.

In fact , our Guangzhou FCC site will start to held a coffee and code activity next Month and I am one of the helper.

Thanks again. Have a good day.


I’ve enjoyed reading your post. Interesting stuff.


Thanks for your kind words, Cherry! I am thrilled to hear that you’re helping other campers in Guangzhou. I have fond memories of Guangzhou (I lived there for a couple years) and hope to attend one of your events next time I’m in the area. Where do you all organize? On WeChat?


Colt Steele’s course is ‘amazing’ and I have nothing but nice things to say about that! Great read!


Awesome - thanks for such a great post!


Sorry about the absence, totally forgot to post it on the FCC medium. Got around to updating it :slight_smile:


@Munsterberg thanks for sharing that great story. please I want to ask: my english is good but still not perfect. is this a problem to make interview or to work remotely or even freelancing?


I would say it depends on where you’re looking to work. If you’re planning to work remotely in the US or Canada, I would try to improve your english as much as possible. Where I worked we had in-house and remote devs, all the remote workers were native english speakers. Just remember it never hurts to apply to jobs, you gain a lot of experience and insight.