How Is the "Reader" Badge Determined?

How Is the "Reader" Badge Determined?


I just got this “Reader” badge for reading a thread with more than 100 replies and I’m like, whhhaaaaaa…Quincy’s monitoring me or something???

Specifically, how does the Discourse software know I’m actually “reading”…I know it ain’t tracking my eye movements, right ('cause my webcam is covered up Zuckerberg Style!), so is there a “counter” in the background secretly logging in the seconds I stay on each reply in the thread???

Or is it just a bunch of bats’ wings, eyes of newt, and babies’ blood mixed in and boiled over???

(I know it can’t be simply that I clicked on a long-threaded topic 'cause I’ve been doing that all along but never earned the badge until literally like the past hour or so!)



I’ve wondered about that too but in the end, the badges are awarded in a manner that I find myself unable to understand (even with some significant research) and I’ve just given up trying!
The forum has a lot going for it, but unfortunately the badges aren’t quite on the ‘pro’ list for me. I would either blissfully ignore them, or enjoy them as-is.
ps. From your posts you sound like the type of user who would enjoy a more ‘live’ discussion. Have you looked into the gitter fcc channels?


wow, i didn’t know there are forum achievements like how games works. maybe i should try typing 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 characters and see if i can get any achievements haha.


The badges are explained here. Some of them have more info if you click on them.


If you’re curious about the Discourse platform itself, you can look at the the Discourse forum.