How long does it take to finish Frontend Development in FCC?

How long does it take to finish Frontend Development in FCC?


hey there, i am new in FCC. i would like to know how long it takes to finish FCCs Fronend Development Certification with 40hr/week workload?


I guess 2~3 months, but of course it depends on your pace :slight_smile:


It really depends on too many variable to predict. Do you have coding experience? What about html, css, and js? How many hours per week will you devote? Do you learn quickly?

A few people have done it in a few weeks. Many probably take a few months. Some take many months.


If you are ready to devote 4 hours per day and have basic knowledge of HTML,CSS and JAVASCRIPT then 40-50 days are sufficient to get certificate.


Depends on your background and working pace. I already had previous experience with html/css/js and it took me 1 month of sporadic work.


There are so many factors. I started in November and I am only at the Intermediate algorithms. Having said that, I spend much of my time studying web dev outside of FCC and working on personal projects, and I have a full-time job. We’re all different. For those who said 1 or 2 months they either don’t have any other obligations, have a lot of prior experience already or they are the exception.


I agree. I spend most of my time finishing my college courses and learning other web Dev stuff in addition to free code camp’s curriculum. Honestly, I don’t think its a good idea for people to rush to complete the font end cert. Actually learning/retaining the information is more important :smiley: