How much do you code per day?

How much do you code per day?


I completely understand where you’re coming from. I felt the same way at some point.
I’m not that passionate about coding either, but i love the challenges it throws at me and all the free room it gives to get creative.


2-3 but not every day. Not because have no time, but because just have too much time. That is the problem. But I think the more important what I do in those 3 hours


Realistically, I spend about 1-2 hours a day coding. But, up until very recently I did not do it every day. I do think I need to up my consistency and practice every day, but I would not be able to come home from working 40 hours a week and code for hours and hours every night. I would be happy with getting an hour or two in each weeknight after work and dinner, and spend part of each Sat/Sun working for longer periods of time. I do not have kids or pets.

And yes I am studying coding hoping to get a job in the field.


I uased to think/feel that way, but then I knew why I was feeling like aging was a thing for me.
I used to eat like crap, and also emotional states along with your own life expectations play a much bigger role. I lived in Minesota, USA back in 2016 and found myself living in a paradise, but completely alone and
endulging myself in bad habits, i.e. lots of booze, lots of food and no exercise.
I gained 46 lbs as a consequence, and it took me over 2 years to get ridf of the weight, and endured in crazy upswings of humor, as well as depression and an incredible lack of energy before taking care of what I eat and quit drinking.
I quit drinking and cleaned up my diet, dropped the weight, and 30 days after I started I noticed I was able to concentrate longer and stay up for much more time. I started enjoying life more, because I moved back home in the sunshine of Mexico and the lean diet we have down here.
Life is amazing here in Guadalajara, and if you are in the mood of excellent weather, living close to the beach, being worshipped by the opposite sex, and living close to the beach, there are fantastic entry level dev opportunities down here.


Since I’m using what I learn at my current job, my employer allows me to do these courses while I’m working. I usually have little to nothing to do unless a patron requires assistance anyway, so I need something constructive to fill my time with.
On days off I try to get 2-3 hours in if I can, but it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. :smile:


I am single and work 8-5 M-F. I’m brand new to coding and spent most of last month reading a book bout HTML and CSS and building my own website simultaneously. I also use FreeCodeCamp, watch some tutorials on Udemy, and have spent some time imagining my goal for my website - it’s difficult knowing what to learn if there’s no goal!

But to answer your question… I would say I spent an average of 10-15 hours per week learning coding - practice, reading, watching, etc.


There have been days I’ve coded all day straight, but generally these days I’ve diversifyed my tasks online and only write code maybe four hours a day.


about 100/hrs a week


For myself I am doing 1-2 hours per day. I am involved in the #100DaysOfCode challenge! I am just trying to meet my 1 hour a day at a minimum, and then random 30 minute blocks I can fit into my life.

The challenge for me is just a test right now. I want to see if coding is truly for me in the long run.
I can say that after dabbling in the past, and now being over 30 days in I am loving it so far. Once you can actually build things and have some confidence it is way more enjoyable! :smiley:


For me it changes week by week. I try to maintain a good work/life balance so some days I don’t code at all and some days I’ll code for hours! I try and average 10-15 hours a week which is feeding me the information gradually, helping me to store what I learn.
It’s not easy having a busy life outside of work, but whilst I’m currently working in a job I don’t particularly enjoy, that gives me the motivation to study and hopefully one day get a job as a developer.


I code 2 hours per day on average, usually after my part-time job. I’m trying to change my career and be employable in less than 1 year.


How much time do you spend coding each day?

I spend between 1 and 4-5 hours, depending on the day.

What are your other time commitments (work, children, etc)?

Work, studies, housework. I am a teacher so my work load varies. I’m also doing a 2-year IT cert, which is mixed (online and on site classes). Keeping my house clean and doing exercise also takes a chunk of my time, but they’re non-negociable since I spend all day sitting on the computer and I want to stay healthy.

Are you studying coding in hopes of getting a job in the field?

Yup, mainly. Also just because I love learning stuff.


About an hour or so per day.Its not only focused on web development.Side by side,Im also trying to learn Python and Machine Learning using Python.Approximately it takes me an hour a day to maintain flow of all the things that Ive been learning.

Im currently a student studying in a full time B. Tech program.Classes range anywhere from 4-7 hours a day.Plus a couple of hours of travelling back and forth plus a few personal commitments means I only have a very short amount of time to dedicate to this stuff.


Tend to work 10 hour days so if I can study/code for an hour a day during the week then I’d be thrilled. During weekends I try to do 4 separate 1 hour stints both days.

Ideally = 13+ hours/week
Realistically = 9 hours/week

I’m looking to increase this but real life often gets in the way.


For me, it’s 0-4 hrs a day (rarely more than 2 on a work day unless I’m having a lot of fun). Some days I don’t feel like doing it, so I don’t. If it’s been a few days and I still don’t feel like it, I’ll force myself to do something and I tend to get back into the swing of things. I’ve learned that a strict every day schedule doesn’t work for me. I’m also not desperate for a new job, so for me, it’ll come when it comes.

I’ve made far more progress being kind and forgiving to myself than I ever did when I was put extreme time pressures on myself and calling myself a failure every time I skipped a day or couldn’t figure something out instantly.

If you’re feeling bad next to these “100 hrs a week” guys, just know that these folks are a rarity and are either unemployed with no bills or are exaggerating (or straight up trolling or lying).


On average 4hrs, while working fulltime. is a thing.

The whole idea is to develop a good habit of coding everyday. It has helped me tremendously, even on days when I’m not feeling it.


30’ of maths per day
30’ studying german
1-2hours of coding or reading thoroughly programming book per day/reviewing flashcards

It is not as much as some others do but I do it everyday without stopping unless I am sick. In the end, what matters is to move forward. :slight_smile:


or on drugs…
yeah… drugs help a crap ton


I try to do at least a hour and a half each day. On my days off I can sometimes squeeze in a full six hour as well. This is while holding down a full-time job, being a father and husband. Fortunately my wife is very supportive, which makes things easier.


I was coding like 6-8 hours a day and then I had to stop because o the headaches I got! I’m glad there’s other people that realize that they cant spend so much time coding! I took a eek break essentially, and now I’m cautiously ready to try again.