How to begin with data science?

How to begin with data science?

So I am a B.Tech Graduate interested in machine learning .After looking through loads of online material I feel little overwhelmed . Is there a structured path to go in for machine learning.

There recently was a thread on Hacker News:

I have struggled with this question for SOME TIME. I have played with MIT/OCW and others. The field is SO big now and there are a lot of resources but not put together for a methodical complete online program.

After a year of self study and meeting with peeps I think it is good to make sure you have a good background in:

  • How is your linear algebra?
  • How is your statistics? Linear regression, Covariance, Correlation, …
  • Do you know SQL?
  • How is your Python or R?

Early on I was given one paper as a starting point.

  • Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms -
  • I was given this paper to start with… the paper is from 2008 but it contains the basics that you NEED to know first. A few things are obviously missing (Logistic regression) but this paper gives you a good overview. You need to learn SVM and Adaboost and Decision trees, clustering, etc.
  • Many people told me NOT to start with Deep Learning. BC you need to know at least Logistic Regression first. I tend to agree.

Try this:

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Go for andrew NG’s courses. They are the best. hands down.