How to build Mobile App

How to build Mobile App

I have little idea on website building, I want to know how mobile apps is been made/build? Thanks in advance.

That’s a very broad question that has simply too many answers. This may help:

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If you are talking about create a mobile application using HTML + JS + CSS, you can search about Cordova CLI!

Am asking about after creating all the files, how can i zip/put them together so as it will be an app?

Reading the Cordova docs would be a good start.

Or React Native docs.

Alternatively you’ll need to work in Java / Objective C / Swift if you want to make native iOS or Android apps.

We don’t know what you already know though, as you have not provided any context for your question.

Thanks i’ll check it out.

If is there anyone on html and css check this out give me feedback. Thanks.html and css

What feedback do you want on that 35 minute video you linked to?

To be sincerely am not that fast in typing so i used so many time on the video, but any feedback?

Don’t post the video if you want feedback on the final file - just post the code in the forum for people to read.

Okay thanks a lot bro

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There are various possibilities available in the market. You can hire a team of developers for developing a mobile app.
In my opinion, if you are not a technical person then you can hire any experienced developers. CBX Studio is also the best option to build the mobile app