How to fix it when Application is not found on local host?

How to fix it when Application is not found on local host?

If you open web browser and go to http://localhost:3000/ does it load?

close it all down, and run ‘npm start’ again

No ,it does not load .

I did but still same problem .

Does the full IP link load? What is the browser error?

Here is when i run it locally . Nothing further proceed.

Add a random <p>test</p> in the html file to see if it is loading… I am guessing this is a Create-React-App ? Am i wrong?

yeah .It’s Create-React-App .You are right .

Did adding some content in the HTML load? … and without knowing your project it will be hard to help, but what is you index.js or whatever file you are calling the render in? I.E.

ReactDOM.render(<ReactTest />, document.getElementById('root'));

yeah i try


inside the body tag of my html file .Project is calculator application in ReactJS .
Here is my index.js file
It is happening since i updated my windows 10 pro . what will be the solution of this one ?

The browser error is not good. A white screen or with the manually HTML added is what you are looking for. Index.js looks good to me.

Did this work before you updated Windows?

If you make a clean install of create-react-app in a new folder can you get it to load the default project?

Yeah ,it works before the windows update . And it’s happening with this project only while the other projects are running on the same browser .

Also , it loads the default project .

wait, you have other projects running too at the same time?

Try this:

Create a .env file in the project root
Add a line to the file: PORT=4000

If it’s loading a clean install then you might have an error somewhere in your code.

Make sure the export is correct from your Application.js file.

I need to get to go now, but hopefully someone else has better tips if the above doesn’t get it working. Good luck!

Thanks for you suggestions . And no i don’t have other projects running too at the same time .