How to get certificates

How to get certificates


how to get certificates from CFF
im in the chalange number
115 can i start do projects or i must finish all chalnges then i pass to the step of creating projects
honestly im new ans i dont know the rules and what i must to do to get certificates to get good job


All items on the map that are marked with an asterisk are required for the certificates.


im in the chalange “create tribute page” but i found a problem when i click save button this msg appare to me

can you help me


When did you get this error, were you logged in and have you tried another browser?


i loggin normaly ans code normaly this msg appaer if i click the save button
im in the chlange num 115 ''create a tribute page in codepen


Then you will have to contact them at [email protected]


I just said that…Error msg in codepen