How to get the User ID in Twitch API

How to get the User ID in Twitch API


In order to obtain the information necessary to complete the twitch project, we need the ID of users. However I don’t understand how to obtain this ID. Can someone show/explain please?


I was able to get the information needed with a combination of /streams/STREAMER_NAME and /users/STREAMER_NAME.




One URL you can use is “”.
You can use multiple names by seperating them by a comma. “?login=name1,name2,name3”

This will return a JSON object of an array containing users if getting multiple names in one request.


Works great! Thanks mate!


How was I supposed to get that url?

The FCC challenge says I should use


You can replace the “ part with and add on the rest of the url as per normal. These I believe can be found somewhere deep in the twitch API docs, but I wasn’t sure where exactly to find them.


Yes but what works is and what FCC says I should use is

eventually the gomix one redirects me to but one doesn’t work and the other one does…


Huh… I never noticed that. The major difference in that the GOMIX one appears to require a proxy server (I used heroku) which has a limited number of calls that you can use per day, whereas the glitch one does not. Use the glitch one.


Yeah I do now, thank you :smiley:


Yup. I was redirected, but never really noticed. But what I usually do with API-based apps is play with the url endpoints (in combination with reading the docs as best I can) until I see the data I want and then copy/paste that url into my app.

Glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:


Finally got that god forsaken app working


Thanks Davec ! you make my day !!!