How to Kill Procrastination and Crush Your Ideas

How to Kill Procrastination and Crush Your Ideas

I can't even begin to count how many people (myself very much included) keep saying

"Yeah, I'm going to start this JavaScript course!"

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This article was written for me, so thanks :slight_smile: I always find myself starting chapter 1 over and over or starting new courses but not finishing them. Heck even in life, I am sure my wife is sick of me saying that I will be starting my workout on Monday…

Anyway, I have an idea that I have been wanting to do for quite a long time and I like the thought of making my business plan in more of a quest format.


Awesome I am not alone :grin:
Yes this is my main problem beside the perfectionism problem I can’t count how many courses, books, projects, … I have started but never finished yet.
thank you for the awesome post and for the quests plan which of course help with the progression feeling.

Thank you for reading Dave! This article was written for me before anyone else haha. I still struggle with this occasionally, and the fastest way out is to make a specific plan and stick to it.

Thankfully this piece has been very well received by the community, so I’m considering posting more on the topic. Maybe we can all push each other to improve.

Regarding workouts, it’s truly a momentum thing. Get the first week in, feel good about yourself, and integrate it into your schedule.

No habib, you’re definitely not alone :grin:
Thank you so much for reading. Try structuring your goals in terms of these quests and break them into subtasks.

For example:

I want to become a Front-End Developer

What does that actually mean? HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git/GitHub, command line, basic design, and many other things.

Pick a project that forces you to begin learning these things, and don’t study anything apart from that. I recommend the TodoMVC project, a todo-list with cool functionality. Completing this will force you to learn by Googling everything, you won’t need a single book or course.

That is so me !
But not only for my projects !
I have so many games I just tried a bit, but the ones that bring me joy, passion and satisfaction were the one I play A LOT !
But often I say to myself : no I don’t have time to play this, what a waste of time, and I play something else that is also a waste of time … I don’t know how to define this but it is definetly a problem for me.
Same for courses, no I don’t have time … Or I don’t have THE best courses/tuto …
I’m pretty sure if I had 6 months for myself, so planty of time, it will be the same and I won’t do it either …
Except “forcing” you to do it, I don’t know what else can do the job :confused:
Sometimes it works, sometimes no but what is true is : the thing you’ve done successfully and finished are really valuable for yourself.