How to make a nice Web Dev Resume?

How to make a nice Web Dev Resume?

Here is an article on this from FCC:

I use the template provided here and it got me many interviews, offers and so far two jobs…


‘thehalalhustle’ - alliteration of the year thus far :rofl:

I spot a small spelling mistake in the first resume…
The text in your ‘life philosophy’, i think you meant ‘breathe’

I like the layout and styling in your resume, you got some good front-end ui vision. I am trying to improve my ui/design skills myself.

Got any tips or great resources that helped you with ui/ux/design?

Eyyy thanks for the compliment. I am not the original designer tho lol (merely recreated it and changed a few things). I hope it helps you out!! Go get em!

LOL … I definitely made that spelling mistake! (cringe)… I have been corrected on it before and did not capture a new screenshot. Thank you for pointing that out though, much appreciated.

I hope to improve on my own UI/design skills as well. I have honestly just been breaking down and trying to recreate nice pens on CodePen to learn more and improve my own design process. I am a do first kinda person.

My tip: Start really simple and keep adding on effects or features layer by layer. That is my approach at least. (‘Basic to Bad*$$’ - I really hope it works lol)

You can see my current and future tutorials on my YouTube Channel (shameless plug) where I go through my process. A) to solidify my thought process and confidence in a concept. B) to share the steps for others to benefit.

Hey, here is my resume with the code of it (laravel+vue.js) being here