How to make clickable labels for checkboxes

How to make clickable labels for checkboxes


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how does one go about making labels clickable for checkboxes and radio buttons?
Also how do you change the mouse cursor using button:hover?

Im working on my survey project as well. Would appreciate the advice. Thanks


This is done by setting “cursor” property of button:hover to “pointer”.


Take a look at this page.


I’m new to this too as you can see so wont have any technical feedback, however the form looks great with everything on point and responsive as well! The Abdul Kalam Tribute page is also pretty good! :slight_smile:
Keep it up


@deepshah - I moved your question to a new topic, because it had nothing to do with the other thread. Please always create a new topic for questions about your own projects. Only reply to other threads, if you are actually giving feedback to that user’s topic.

Thank you.