How to practice with back End Easily! Please HELP

How to practice with back End Easily! Please HELP


Im currently studying backend with PHP and mySQL, but the course im following uses paid Applications such as a Hosting and and some sort of FTP things(Im a complete newbie)…

I have my own method using 000webhost but its really unefficient… i have to upload my php file over and over again using file manager just to look at a little of change!! What apps, software,site would you want me to use so that it would be easy for me


You could try out a tool called XAMPP if you want to host a website locally on your computer.


+1 on XAMPP.

Understand that web hosts, remote servers etc don’t have any special software that you can’t just put on your computer. In the case of PHP, it’s a piece of software called Apache (a web server), and after installing it’s normally just a case of uncommenting some configs, putting your files in a specific place, and starting the server.

XAMPP makes it dead easy to get everything set up locally anyway, it packages up Apache, with PHP enabled, and a DB (MariaDB, which works the same as MySQL but is fully open-source) + loads of other useful things.


@DanCouper & @Quickz Hiya! Thanks for that! Now Off to mySQL and PHP!