How to publish my website using HTML-CSS

How to publish my website using HTML-CSS

How to publish my website using HTML-CSS


Where do u want to publish the website? On hosting server?


@Micconfy You can add your HTML and CSS to Codepen. There everyone will be able to see it.


Not on a Hosting Server. Can i host it by myself? How do i go about this? Please help


How do i add it ? please help me .


Are you trying to host a website with custom url and everything? Or are you just trying to have a place to show your projects? is a front end hosting service for full on websites or just front end, what they call pens. github also offers a way to host web based projects but I personally am not super familiar with it. Although looking at your profile you seem to be new. Just taking the classes on FCC will get you to where u want to be. It’s a long journey but defiantly worth the effort!

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Can you please be more specific about where you are looking to publish your site?

  • Do you have a domain name? Do you want one?
  • Do you have shared web hosting purchased?
  • Are you looking to host for free?
  • Do you know how to use git and github?

I recommend GitHub pages if you want to deploy your static website.
This is how your website will look on GitHub pages :


Thanks so much. I’m looking to host for free. i don’t have a Domain name yet but i want one . please help how do i go about it ?


Thanks Kunal . how do i get a Domain name for my site
I want my site to be public though i’m still working on it please help


You will have to purchase a domain name if you want your own domain, for example this is a good place to buy them:

Otherwise, you can host your website for free using github pages:


@Micconfy Actually, Netlify is a great place to host your finished website. Codepen in a good online editor to work on it while in the development phase. You can watch a video on how to add your website to Netlify. It is as easy as creating an account and dragging and dropping a folder with your project inside.