How to save work in challenges?

How to save work in challenges?


Sometimes I’m on here doing the challenges on a different computer, and when I return home and look at my challenges, they are either reset to default or have the work that was there before leaving home and using a different computer. This can be very inconvenient because if I go solve something on a different computer and return to my laptop, I find all my work is gone!

I’m not sure if this site is setup to auto-save on certain machines or not, what is a good solution to this problem?


your best bet is to sign out of FCC when you are done doing whatever challenge you are on!!


I think your work is typically saved in your browser’s cookies. Even on the same computer, if you open your account on another browser it wont show your saved work. Your work will also disappear if you delete your cookies. I find it best to save my work on a separate notepad file. I believe once you hit submit it saves on your portfolio account and won’t have to worry about it being deleted.


@mabbasi09 copy and paste into You can and should save your work.


thats what I thought but I completed some challenges earlier today, came home, and found them reset even though the challenge is still completed.


If you are on a different computer, browser, or you browser cache has cleared then you won’t see your work automatically populate. You can still see your solutions to completed challenges by going to your profile and clicking on the “view solution” link.