How to start a software YouTube channel

How to start a software YouTube channel

Hi, I’m Beau and I run the YouTube channel.

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Great post! This is really inspiring. I hope to get back to uploading to my YouTube channel soon to help others learn web development.

Just a word: you suggest the freeCodeCamp forum as a means of promoting your channel. Unfortunately, it is not the most welcoming place if you’re not a consistent part of the community: [Meta] Unlisted Post without Explanation

Just thought I’d share! Thanks again!

Thanks! I just read through that post you linked to. I’m not super involved with the forum and was surprised by how things went for you. I’ll reach out to some of the people you were chatting with in that post to find out how to best direct people in my article.

This is really well researched and I’m glad you posted it here. Also worth noting that OBS screen recording works to record on Linux as well. As far as recording on a chromebook I’ve used Zoom video conferencing to record screens there.

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Hi Beau!
Thank you for the very detailed article regarding the creation of a software YouTube channel.
I have thought many times of starting a channel like that, but as I am just starting out on my coding journey, I haven’t found any ideas for my videos.
The only thing I have thought of so far, is to make videos of small projects, in order to have something to push myself and be consistent with my coding and learning, and stay a bit accountable (some sort of #100DaysOfCode, but YouTube version).
Again though, I am lacking ideas as to what sort of projects I could do, that at the same time would be interesting for a potential audience to watch and follow me.

In that context, are we allowed to record our course through the freeCodeCamp curriculum?
I find it one of the best things to show to the people, as these are real projects, with a goal, and can show how a person that has no or little programming experience, can learn and develop their skills, and become a professional programmer in time.

Or would that be considered that I would be giving away the solutions to other people, as I will be slowly solving the challenges, and working on the projects towards the certifications?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that!
Thank you in advance.

Hey @beaucarnes!

Any thoughts/ideas regarding my question?

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: Sorry for the shoutout. Hope I didn’t disturb. :slight_smile:

Glad my article could be helpful. It’s fine to record yourself working through the freeCodeCamp curriculum. That could help a lot of people! The solutions are already out there for people who know where to look so don’t worry about giving anything away. Students can decide for themselves if they want to work through the curriculum “spoiler free”. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the prompt reply!

This is what I thought as well, and I suppose this might be one of the reasons that the old projects towards the certifications changed to different ones.

I didn’t even think what you said, that it would help a lot of people, in the sense I would not expect anything like that.
It will be mainly to keep me going and being accountable.
But if that’s the case, even better!

Thanks again!