How to stop monthly donations?

How to stop monthly donations?

I think not all bank support this. at least my credit card bank does not support.

The only method is to cancel the card and apply a new one, if ffc cannot stop paying.

Well as it’s your legal right almost everywhere in the world to cancel that payment by informing you bank you want it cancelled, then I’m guessing either your bank is not a legal bank or you haven’t tried.

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Surely I have tried and found no way before post for help.

Firstly, I think you point is arbitrary to thought a bank is not legal if does not support this service.

Secondly, it is totally another topic that has to resort to bank’s this type of service.

FFC needs to provide this feature if it declares to be able to cancel it. I don’t believe you can think this is rational way.

Hey there @eric_tao. I’m sorry that this has been so frustrating. If you are donating using PayPal, it’s very easy to stop your donations from PayPal itself. If you donated using a credit card, all you have to do is email The secure service that FCC uses to charge credit cards only supports the service administrator cancelling payments, so FCC can’t offer you a simple button. Emailing FCC will get it done easily. Thank you for helping support Free Code Camp!

Hi Leslie:

Appreciated for your kind help.

Yes I have sent mail to and a week ago and haven’t got any reply yet.

It might be too busy for them as I understand operating a non-profit site is not easy.

So it looks at present the only way is keep waiting~~~

I’m sorry to keep coming back to this…

It’s not another topic, and I was only saying the legal comment out of frustration (I apologise), but:

If there is a recurring payment thay you are making from your bank account/credit card/PayPal etc, and you want to stop it, and you cannot get it stopped by the payee’s side, stop making the payment from your side. If you are concerned w/r/t that recurring payment, then ideally cancel it first then complain here, or at least after complaining here go and make the effort to ensure is is cancelled at your end. You are under no obligation to make charity payments. Some financial providers will make it easier to cancel (press a cancel button on the web app), some will make it harder (pick up telephone and dial a number and speak to a real person).

Hello @eric_tao

I see that your reply dates from July 23. Did the team solve your issue?
My case is very similar to yours: I’ve made my donation with credit card and my bank cannot do nothing but block the card, replicate it and report to VISA against the payee (of course I won’t let them do it!).
So I’ve emailed to few days ago and still have no response

Hi David. My first post send out at July, 15th, and finally the team got replied at Sep, 5th which finally helped cancel the payment…

I think they should be rather busy, and it might be helpful if you got them a call~

Quincy himself answered me today: he talked about an upcoming feature that will allow more control about donations in the settings area.
I am very aware about how non profit goes, and also I am very grateful about the platform and its community. So my plan was doing this donations on a regular basis, but I thought that I was in more control…
Meanwhile the feature is developed I’ll switch to paypal payment.

I’m glad that you were azble to get it sorted out. Than you for supporting Free Code Camp!

Not sure if this will work, but I found this remark in my records:
Text “STOP” to +1(425)528-8059 for ending donation!
I don’t live in the US and used i-message, so I had to register the phone number in my adress book in order to be able to send the message.

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i want cancel my credit card monthly payment, is not fair when you donate but you going a paymenth recurrent is awful thing for teh people who wants help to you how can cancel the paymenth recurrent thanks

If your donation was via PayPal, you can cancel the payments through them. If the donations are direct to the credit card via Stripe, unfortunately the Stripe API only allows the account admin (@QuincyLarson ) to cancel “subscriptions”. You can email to request that your donations be cancelled. I suggest putting something clear as the subject line as Quincy gets thousands of emails a day at that account and may try to be more efficient by sorting/filtering them by concern.

thanks yeah i did via credit card also send and email but dont respond going to try more.
we need a really good mode to donation imposible that page cant do that

the pop-up that appear is to start monthly donations, if you want to do a one-time donation you need to go to

Check your junk mail whenever you email The replies seem to be spam-filtered for many people and they never see the follow up emails.

I would really appreciate if you stopped charging my debit card without my permission.

One of the following must have occurred:

  1. You card number was stolen - You need to report it to your bank.
  2. At some point you decided to donate via PayPal - You can cancel at any time through PayPal.
  3. At some point you decided to donate via direct charges through Stripe - You can cancel the donations by emailing Make sure you check your spam folder frequently, as @QuincyLarson may need further details from you and his emails may be filtered by your email provider.

If you think your card was stolen, before you report this charge to your bank just send me a quick email at and I can reverse the charge. You can still cancel your credit card if you think it was stolen, but this way you can save freeCodeCamp a $20 chargeback.

It is frustrating that there are so many thieves out there stealing people’s credit cards. They use freeCodeCamp as a place to check whether their stolen card numbers are valid. And we lose more than $1,000 per month due to chargebacks (this is common for nonprofits, unfortunately).

Here’s hoping these banks and credit card systems can get better at detecting and preventing credit card fraud.