How to stop my monthly donation

How to stop my monthly donation


I am a new user and I really appreciate the platform. To complete one challenge, I committed to donate US$3 monthly with my credit card. However, I could not find where I can stop the donating.

So I have a few questions:

  • the FreeCode Camp is claimed to be a free platform but in order to pass the challenge we have to commit to a donation
  • after the donation there is no way to cancel. I searched online and still could not find a way
  • I am willing to donate every month as long as I am using it but I think I also have the right to cancel the donation, correct?

Could you me know how I can cancel the donation?

Thank you in advance for the reply.

I just wanted to donate... Why don't you have an option to donate ONLY once?


You can mark the challenge as solved, you aren’t required to donate. Some campers don’t have an income and freeCodeCamp does not expect them to make donations they can’t afford.

Login to paypal, find your “billing agreements” in settings, and cancle.

You have every right to cancel and there is no requirement to donate. freeCodeCamp appreciates every donation it receives.


Just in case if i want to stop monthly subscription of newly added Stripe Payment method (, How to do that?



See the above post I linked to. Essentially, you cancel it through PayPal directly.


Thanks for replying, The link is for the paypal, but there is a new option to pay via stripe when we click credit/debit card option,

I am wondering if i want to stop paying monthly, how to do that?



I have the same issue. I am now paying a montly donation with my credit card (not using paypal). If i want to stop paying, how can I cancel the subscription ?


@ChaituVR, @Blurf

If you want to cancel your donation, for now you should contact Quincy Larson via email: [email protected], and I believe he could cancel it for you. You can also probably cancel within your credit card itself by managing your subscriptions.


We’re working on incorporating these donations directly into your settings, so it will be easier to manage them. In the meantime, if you need to stop a Stripe donation, and don’t want to mess with signing into your credit card’s website, just send me an email at [email protected] and I can stop the subscription for you.


Right, I’ll just preface this comment, just to be clear, to say I’m not commenting regarding your lack of response, that’s another issue.

If there are monthly donations coming out of your account, and you have not had any luck stopping those monthly donations by emailing the donatee, why have you not stopped them at your end? Stop them and then complain, it is absolutely within your power to do this. Yes, it may be annoying to have to ring your bank/CC provider, but it is extremely daft to sit on your hands and watch something occur that you want to stop and that you can easily stop.


:+1: for a non-recurring donation option.

While I understand that it may be more convenient for freeCodeCamp to receive monthly-recurring donations, sometimes people just want to give a few bucks as a “thank you” for keeping a great site online.

I just did a donation and missed an option to cancel it, so I solved the problem blocking further charges in that credit card number - which is easy in my bank, but that isn’t necessarily the case for everybody else.

Giving some money and continuously supporting a project are completely distinct things, and people willing to do the former may not want the latter.

Anyway, thanks for keeping freeCodeCamp online!