How to submit done project on freecodecamp

How to submit done project on freecodecamp


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how to submit the url of done project

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Copy the url of the page where your project exists, paste it in the solution box beneath the user stories and submit.


friend i have done it but i if i return to see my progression, they show that tribute page is still undone, may i continue buikding other projects?


The progress has been saved for the project and you can continue to the next challenge. If you want to confirm if a project has been submitted, go to settings of your freecodecamp account -> scroll down till you reach ‘Certification Settings’, if the code has been successfully submitted, you shall see the project url beside the project title , if the field for project url is empty you’ll have to resubmit the project.


thanks for your help now its ok. since yesterday, i was stuck but now it’s ok thanks a lot