How to test my project

How to test my project

Hi, I have finished my Random Quote Machine project here:""with test script, but it didn’t work.
what’s wrong?

Other than not being able to read yellow text on a white background, what didn’t work? It seems to be working.

I added test script but I can’t see that dialog box.

Ohhhh…d’uh! Sorry, guess I should’ve gleaned that from your title. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see this;

<script src=""></script>

before the closing <body> tag in your index.html. That’s where it should be.
(Disclaimer: I’m not too familiar with codesandbox so I may be reading it wrong)

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I tried, then the dialog box disappeard after a second.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have chimed in. I’m more familiar with codepen and I don’t know why codesandbox would do that.

Someone else step up please…

That’s fine, thank you anyway.

Hey @sadJohn if you’re still wondering about the FCC Test Suite with Code Sandbox, you can either add the dependency “react-fcctest” in the left panel and then add

import ReactFCCtest from 'react-fcctest';

at the top of your App.js file and then include

<ReactFCCtest />

in its return statement along with the rest of your code OR you can just add

in the “External Resources” section of the left panel and then click on “Add Resource”.

Thanks so much @amamenko! I just stumbled on this post after spending a couple hours trying to get the tests setup, and your suggestion is what worked.