How's My Technical Documentation Page

How's My Technical Documentation Page


Hello Everyone. I just finished my documentation page. It’s about react native. Am not a react native developer but I thought it would be interesting to talk about it. Please review and give me your feedback.



Great page. Only thing I would add is a color change for the nav links when you hover over it, because it is hard to make out if the links are active without it. Additionally there seems to be a lot white space on the right side of the page when resizing it. You may want to tweak the media queries a bit to correct this.


thanks a lot. I will start working on them.


@AdityaVT I fixed the white space.


Hey @stel,
Awesome design, fonts, layout and of course subject. Good on you :grin:
As per me just couple of tiny things needs to fix are,

  1. Beautiful color selection. just reduce top and bottom padding.

  2. Add top margin for this section

  3. Usebox-sizing: border-box to .main class will adjust you content, padding, border to width 100% and will remove horizontal scrolling .


@MonikaPatelIT Thanks a lot. I’ll start working on them right away.


this is awesome. How long did it take you to work on this?


Thanks for your feedback. It took me about 3 days because I had to do some research. I didn’t know anything about React.:sweat_smile: