HTML, CSS question about form page for Responsive Web Design Certification

HTML, CSS question about form page for Responsive Web Design Certification


Not sure if this is the best place to post this. I’m feeling a little bit discouraged that I’ve done all the tutorials and get through them with ease, but when I get to a project like the form page I get confused as to what I should be doing. My forms ultimately look just like the examples, but the problem is so does my code. I’m feeling a bit like a copycat.


Try to make them your own. A good thing to do is google form style and get some inspiration. You don’t have to go way out there but really try to personalize the projects.

other than that you’ll find much code is the same.


It’s almost the same in HTML, but a difference you can make is your CSS, maybe you want to put some font you want, change colors, change the default radio button/checkboxes, add some box-shadow, hover effects, on your buttons, and remove the default <input type="text"> styling. Or challenge yourself to style your form like google form clone. The possibilities are limitless! I wish Happy Coding to you! :slight_smile:


And remember, you dont have to use the same text or name conventions either, just as long as you complete the user stories.


Sometimes I get so into the project guidelines that I forget to be original. I will check out your recommendation and see what I can come up with.


I will take these insights into consideration as I move forward. I hope I can improve on my technique and knowledge of HTML and CSS. I guess I struggle a little with “imposter syndrome”. I think most of it is because I digest all this material from freeCodeCamp and then boom! I forget the simple stuff when I need it the most. I’m glad there are resources out there to look at and get inspiration from.


Dev is cumulative. You have to keep using it and keep building on it. The feeling is normal…everyone has it…but it’s also not true. If you can build it, you can take the next step and make something you would want in your portfolio too. :grinning:


We all do. What we can do is hang on tight and get some motivation and encouragement from our peers!

One good exercise is there is a design you like, maybe a site or a picture that you saw that has good layout, and challenge yourself on, ‘how can i achieve this in HTML CSS’ ? this can be a great opportunity to learn how to manipulate design using HTML CSS.

A good is example is i stumbled upon a video of layout land about building a responsive mondrian. That’s what made me inspired making a google form clone to challenge myself to make a decent layout and learn how to manipulate design using CSS. I wish you good luck for the future projects!


I know that feeling. I’ve finished recently my technical doc form and I felt overwhelmed.
Therefore I decided to reset my curriculum - it doesn’t take that long to redo courses and now I understand better some topics.
Watching tutorials doesn’t really works fine for me, because instead of thinking what to do, I’m just following tutor.


Personally, I worry less about “imposter syndrome” and more about another issue. Please direct me if this is should be posted elsewhere.

When I started doing the Responsive Web Design projects, I noticed that the lessons simply did not cover div tags like “page-wrapper”, “nav-bar”, “form-outer”, “main”, “rowTab” and “rightTab”. Some of these tags were in the HTML but not the CSS, which was confusing, and to make matters worse, I can’t always figure out what they do or find them with a Google search. Because I don’t know how to use those tags, I have been forced to literally copy code from FreeCodeCamp’s for the second and third projects, which probably defeats their purpose.

Where would I find information on the div tags being used?


I see that too in my coding. Sometimes its just like the example projects. That’s when I start to feel a bit discouraged. I think I have gone over the coding curriculum at least twice and I still get stuck. As others have stated I think that some of this will get better with practice, or at least I hope so :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to do as much reading as possible and looking over tutorials for certain concepts on youtube. I do better with reading sometimes though. Sorry I can’t really answer your question just yet, but there are some really helpful people in this community who probably can.


16d past… how ya been bro? I FEEL YOU. We have to force through. Coding isn’t always easy to learn but whenever you are at a certain milestone I feel like it is good unless you stop working on it for the rest of your life ofc. I am no expert thought ^^!


Things have been ok. I’m working on a landing page and I’ve forgotten some of the CSS rules. I’m having to go back a lot. I think some of it is consistency. I code for hours one day and then the next I’m so busy that I don’t put in as much time.

I’ll get there. I know this takes practice. I don’t think I’ll be one of those that gets a job in development within a few months, but that’s ok with me.


Nice. Keep pushing as much as you can I guess ^_^! I’m working on my first project (Tribute) :).