HTML/CSS Questions, Resources, and Discussion (January 2018 Cohort)

HTML/CSS Questions, Resources, and Discussion (January 2018 Cohort)


As long as you can accomplish Your desired Goal (Like in this case making it “Italic”) using one language, You should keep doing it. That pretty much reduce the language dependency.
A back up is always convenient but not necessary!



Yes! :white_check_mark: The beta curriculum is still being developed, so things can change often. However, once it’s to a point where the developers feel it’s ready, they’ll replace the current curriculum with the new one.

I started this cohort thinking the beta was working for everyone, since the goal had been to release it by 12/25/2017. A few people seem to be having problems with it, yourself included. So, at this point, all I can suggest is to do what you can, using outside resources as needed if the beta isn’t working, do the current curriculum instead, or wait to catch up with us once the beta is released. :sweat:

Since this first Responsive Web Design section is mostly projects and one will not need the fCC site to do those, I recommend those having trouble with the beta site read every link that’s shared here, finish the projects, and hopefully the beta will be released by April. :fearful:

Also, looking over the beta curriculum code and opening issues to help fix it, if one can, will help as well! :rocket:


@facundocorradini Thanks for pointing this out. I’m personally going to try to keep my replies related to the topics. I suggest others do the same, however there’s no way for us to force people to do that.


just a cool and mobil app i discovered,for learning basic css and html on the go.


my catphoto app is online on a free server,any feedbacks are welcome
u can also upload projects at 000webhost and test them how they will behave when made online.
here is my cat photo app link :
(Old link is not working,new link is below)
Update 1- new link:


i am trying to use this beta thing and it keeps saying JavaScript is disabled. Execute code to enable. What should i do?


what is vs code?? is that visual studio?


Its saying that its disabled temporarily, it will enable when u press ctr+enter or “Run tests” button ,while checking or executing ur code


I am confused as to what to use. Using beta fcc i am going through what i have already learnt on the current curriculum but on beta it looks like there are more challenges. But beta has not been fully developed yet. I dont know which one to stick with


Do u completed the projects of the current fcc curriculum?if ur awnswer is no then u are in same situation as mine,ur progress in beta will be lost when beta goes live,but completing them will not be necessary as only projects will be only considered for certificate. So completing this beta curriculum is no big waste of time as only projects will be only criteria for giving certs. Going through curriculum will be optional then.


I’ve switched over to the beta and I’m completing the Applied Responsive Web Design projects. When the beta is released I’ll just submit the projects and get the certificate straight away.


are the projects saved somewhere or something. I’m sorry but please explain this to me. You do a project in beta, and you get a cert. If it gets wiped, you resubmit the project that you did somehwere outside of fcc? @ShivendraDave so i can jump straight to the projects if my progress in beta gets wiped? So i still gain something?


@deedee The projects are completed and hosted outside of fCC in both the current and beta curriculum. Usually people host their projects in one of the following ways:

One’s progress on the beta challenges will not be saved, but the only requirements for the certificate are to complete the projects.

Does that answer your question?

January 2018 fCC Cohort

can someone please show me how to access beta


@LawGaming The links to the beta are in the first post. :slight_smile:


@camper how to I merge my old account with the beta one


@LawGaming you can’t. They’re both different curriculums. However, some of the projects are the same (or very similar) between the two.


@camper are you kidding me I am halfway done through the Front end Certification and now I have to do it all over again. WHAT?!!?!?!?


@camper how about my forum account can I merge that


@LawGaming I believe the current curriculum will still be accessible for people to finish after the beta is released.

The forum will stay the same.