HTML failing to .clone in jQuery

HTML failing to .clone in jQuery


so what happened was i did indeed fix it on my copy that is on my computer but forgot to update my github version :l

So even after fixing that i still have issues with the media queries. Here the codepen -->

(i had to change it since i was trying out multiple different styles)


Should i make this issue a separate forum post?


Ya probably, so more people can help, just send me a link.

But I’ve take a look and what’s happening is that this _grid.scss is setting a max width:


What I did then was to unset it, so it won’t take effect.

@media screen and (max-width: 1200px) {
  .container {
    width: 100%;
    margin: 0% auto 0% auto;
    max-width: unset;

It should take effect now. Do you know how to use chrome developer tools? If not, search some tutorials, it is a life safer on those occasions.


Now i’m getting a really weird issue:


Now nothing is importing

 HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
index.html (1,1)

 HTML1516: Invalid nesting. A header tag such as "h1>" or "h2>" should not be placed within another header tag.
index.html (15,7)

 HTML1508: Unmatched end tag.
index.html (283,3)

 CSS3121: The media query -ms-viewport has been deprecated.

Is it because of the folders?


Make sure to update the repository. I didn’t get any error here. If you did update, what the steps to reproduce the error?


I downloaded it off of github.

Went into the folder, opened up index.html in Microsoft edge

And then i get a messed up project. I check the errors and i get now:

HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
index.html (1,1)

 CSS3121: The media query -ms-viewport has been deprecated.


I can’t reproduce since I don’t have microsoft edge. Did you tried with chrome? I get no error at all.

What caught my attention is that you’ve opened index.html directly in the browser, this may cause some issues. It’s best if you setup a local server with something like