Html form :::portfolio

Html form :::portfolio


Hello Everyone !

I’m almost done with my PORTFOLIO site , but I was just wondering how to make my contact form work :frowning: , like if someone enters his/her email and message I should get that to my gmail address. Could someone help me with this !!

Thanks !! :slight_smile:


It is not possible to send an email unless you have a web server. Because you probably don’t know how to run a server, there are some api’s that can help you in the meantime until you can fully set it up. I would start by trying one of these:


Also, after looking at your portfolio, you list that you know ASP.NET. You could use that if you want. If you take your code of codepen and run it with .Net, I’m sure someone on the forums could help you do that.


awesome ! Thanks :slight_smile:


and do you think , is this kind of PORTFOLIO would we enough while applying for entry level front end jobs ?