Html to CSS cant pass

Html to CSS cant pass

When I try the code you posted above, it does seem to pass. Can you try refreshing your page (Ctrl+F5 on Chrome using Windows) and use the same code again when running the tests? You may also need to click Reset All Code first.

If the code you have posted does not work, make sure you do not have an extension installed that is changing the page. Like any dark mode extension will need to be disabled. You can use the dark mode theme under the profile settings instead.

If that isn’t the issue then try using a different browser.

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HAHAHAHA it worked thanks man so much.Can t believe it was because dark mode.And why did that happen and how did you know?

The extension changes the style of the page and the test is looking at the styles, so it fails.

I know because it is a (ridiculously) common problem that we really should have taken care of by now. Either by changing the test, or adding a note to the challenge.

Edit: I made a PR for this. Let see if that fixes it.

@CaptainMakaveli BTW, can I ask what the name of the extension you are using is?

@lasjorg I use dark reader extension.