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Hello guys , this is my code , and i don’t know where’s the mistake , thank u for the help in advance :smiley:

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yesterday: { low: 61, high: 75 },
today: { low: 64, high: 77 },
tomorrow: { low: 68, high: 80 }

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const { tomorrow : { max : maxOfTomorrow }} =forecast;
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console.log(lowToday); // should be 64
console.log(highToday); // should be 77

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Challenge: Use Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables from Nested Objects

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you need these ones not maxOfTomorrow
see challenge description that says:

Replace the two assignments with an equivalent destructuring assignment. It should still assign the variables lowToday and highToday the values of today.low and today.high from the LOCAL_FORECAST object.

oh now i can see , thank u so much for the feedback <3

One other thing to note: by this code, the forecast object should contain:

forecast = {
  tomorrow: {
    max: /* someValue */,
    // ...more potential properties...

Is that accurate? Are you looking for a property named max?