Hunter S. Thompson Tribute Page

Hunter S. Thompson Tribute Page


Just finished this. Technical difficulties caused a bit of a break from FCC, but I flew through this with little issue. I learned a lot of course still, and I would love to get feedback on it. Thank you!


That looks great! I see some inline styles in your HTML. You want to have all your style in the stylesheet. This makes it easier to make modifications in the future, and inline styles can lead to confusion if you forget they’re there.


Thank you! I spent a bit of time last night cleaning up the inline styles l used on my “h1” and “h2” elements, but it looks like l missed the rest, oops. Now that l am responsible for all the HTML and it is not being done for me through FCC, l am becoming much more aware of how to keep everything neat and readable. Thanks again! :slight_smile: