I am 40 years old. Is it too late to start a career in software development?

I am 40 years old. Is it too late to start a career in software development?

I hope it’s not too late!

I’m 38 and slowly working my way through the course now.
Hope to move into a full-time Developer job within the next year or two.



I’ll add that I’m 36 and although I have a bachelor’s degree in Software Development, I’m teaching myself JavaScript through FreeCodeCamp and other online resources. So I honestly think 40 is the new 30. We are never too old to do anything unless we convince ourselves that we are too old and stop.

I would encourage you to keep working at it. It’s going to be an uphill battle to get to where you want to be, but if you stay focused and be persistent, you will set your career in motion.

Life is too short to say that it is too late or that I’m too old to do anything.



according to the dept of labor there ill be 4000 new webdev jobs per year in the USA. That is about 40 for each major metro area.

There is so much demand that even the avg sized city has 4-5 bootcamps going and they are bringing in h1b visas to fill the skill gap.

they will need people of all ages etc




Hi Jay,

I’m 37 and having the same fears myself.
I’m hopeful that some companies will recognise the positives of a more mature candidate.
Not sure I really have a helpful answer, just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone.



Hi jemagee, I feel same as you. I’ve been trying to learn since 10/2015 and through many setbacks, still at square one. Going outside my normal, I’d be happy to buddy up for support if you’re inclined.

Let me know.



I am still a baby coder and I turn 30 in a few months…so I am not speaking from an experienced coder point of few, but a general life perspective. I know a man who started college at the age of 50 to pursue a career in engineering…he just woke up one day and decided he wanted to live a different life. He wanted to live a life he wasn’t passionate about…a life that meant something to him. Please do not limit yourself. I am learning more and more everyday…as clichè as it sounds, believing is truly half the battle. It’s not too late until you are no longer cognizant of the world around…and even then…who knows.



Well said!! I’m also 35 now and love this new challenge

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Gays and grays…love it!



I’m 42 and hoping to start a second career as a web developer (currently a part time teacher). I feel as though I will probably be passed up on getting a good developer job because of age. However there is always freelancing. In addition I plan on creating educational websites (you are never too old to start your own projects that will help others :slight_smile: )



Two years ago I started with HTML. In the beginning it was very difficult to stay motivated. I´m now 43 years old and i am very happy that I did not stop.
A few months ago I finished HTML - CSS - BOOTSTRAP - JQUERY with thanks to FREE CODE CAMP. Sometimes I get de-motivated but I always come back and reading a story like yours motivates me again.
I am now convinced that I want to become a pro in Java-script and react.
It´s not always easy but it´s also a lot of fun. This forum also makes it easy.



To put this question into proper perspective, think of someone challenging Albert Einstein based on his advancing age as he continued to propound ground breaking theories into the nature of the universe. Of course, Einstein stayed in the field for his entire career, but an astute and engaged 50 year old will accomplish more than a dull or disinterested 20 year old. Fields centered in technology are on a steep ramp of change, which demands a commitment to continuous learning. As long as a person is willing to accept and embrace that aspect, that person will likely do well. Those who remain intellectually engaged tend to retain their intellectual prowess into advanced years. That being said, our choices build the statistics, but we shouldn’t let the statistics build our choices.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

  • Confucius


I am 38 years. Don’t feel alone.

Good luck for your new life.

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I am 39 years.
But I’m in IT more then 10year - CRM helpdesk consultant
Second career as a web developer gives meaning



My story is no different.
I am 41 and a pharmacist by qualification. I had almost 10yrs of freelancing experience in web designing, but I always desired to be a programmer so I have started learning python at age of 41.



I think it 's never too late for anything.

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Hey guys
I’m 38 and trying out front end development as a career changer after being in IT all my career
I’ve realized that web development is a very competitive field to get into…can you please offer any suggestions as how I break into this field in SF Bay Area ?
JavaScript Networking event tickets are expensive…are they worth it?
I loved reading the positive comments about starting late.

Thank you all



I’m 47 and just recently finished a business Computing degree. I was nervous starting at first as a majority of students were in their 20’s, but after a few short weeks we were all friends and age didn’t matter. Age isn’t an issue, only focus. I’ve now decided to be a front end developer and want to get a junior web developer job by the end of the year. I give myself 25 hours a week for learning on top of my job. I even time my sessions and treat it like a job. It’s also important to network and not be afraid to ask for help. Take plenty of breaks, exercise and don’t get burn out. If a company holds your age against you they are not worth working for anyway.



Its nice to read these post of middle age beginners, I am a 44 yr old beginner myself. This is not easy but I will keep trying.



It’s not too late. I wanted to make a career change when I was 38 to I.T. and got lucky enough to land a job on a help desk starting at the very bottom. I knew the basics, but after two years of hard work and dedicated learning, I was promoted twice and advanced to the Incident Managment team as a Senior Analyst. I’m also taking courses in Computer Science, I’ll be 41 in a couple of months.



Excuse me i am 42 years old and i have no past education about Computers but i am a Graphic designer. now i want to swich to something with IT software Development. is it possible to start now? and which ways should i follow? i moved to UK for 3 weeks ago i want to start from the begining and want to know how long can it take to find my first job and continue also the courses to be more in computing business… can someone tell me from where i should start and which ways should i follow and how much will it take if i take full day course?