I am stuck here , please help

I am stuck here , please help



stuck here, (The a tag should have an href attribute set to “#footer”.)


Can you be more specific? Look at other questions asked as this one has been asked alot lately too.


The a tag should have an href attribute set to “#footer”.

<a href=#footer"http://freecatphotoapp.com">Jump to Bottom

what could be wrong?


remove the “http://freecatphotoapp.com” part
and put the #footer in quotes like “#footer


thanks alot it worked. i am a beginner so i am finding it hard . taking it step by step


Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE get stuck.


You have to really pay attention to what the instructions ask you to do. Nowhere in the instructions did it say to add “http://freecatphotoapp.com” to the href attribute. In fact, it stated the following:

Change your external link to an internal link by changing the href attribute to “#footer


its just confusing , its getting harder with each exercise.


thank you Michael much appreciated


I am not sure what part of the instructions you found confusing, but it is more confusing to me why you added “http://freecatphotoapp.com” to the href attribute, since nothing in the instructions indicated to do that.


i didn’t add it . it was already there from the previous exercise


The link was brought from the previous lesson. The instructions are to change that link to the #footer. He missed the change the link part.

Its a mistake that he didn’t read the instructions carefully enough, but I think he may have messed up on what it meant by link.


It may look like it’s getting harder, but it’s not.

Getting harder means you are learning something new.

It’s somehow like riding a bicycle, you may fail the first times, but you will surely master it.


I feel you. I’m doing the 5 projects of that same module but I kinda stopped because I’m doing bad so I went back to some challenges a lot of challenges to RE-DO. Also, please mark the awnser.


Not necessary to do.


i have done that. Re Do is what i will do as well until i truly get it


Why not? Why not just mark it, it’s just better for people that might be looking for the same issue.


its marked now. you can check it out