I can't continue my education

I can't continue my education

I want to continue my education. But when I press “Go to the coding curriculum” on the main page of the site I see a white screen and loading animation in the upper right corner. How can I continue my education and not lose progress?

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Just go to the curriculum page and pick up where you left off. There was a problem saving where you last were.


In the curriculum, I can’t choose a lesson. All challenges not met. And I can not choose the task I want. I will say more. All the tasks show a white screen.


Hi! Maybe that white screen is just a bug of the site? In my case it was so. I just continued the following day and then it was okay. Anyway I’m sure you’ll go on your studying. I’m studying again and have already been tired of the endless assignments. In particular, I needed professional help with essay writing. That’s why I’ve been searching and found more info here because I’ve needed somebody’s assistance. I think it’s necessary for every student to have free time for what he/she wants to develop but not only for he/she must do. Am I right, guys?

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I totally agree with you


Nice to read the messages and comments of smart people.
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