I feel like I'm not learning anything

I feel like I'm not learning anything


I know that FCC is really helpful, easy to use and probably the most user friendly way to learn how to code, but I feel like all the solutions are just handed to me. Keep in mind I’m still in the HTML5 and CSS portion of the Front End Development Certification. I just just on’t feel like I’m retaining any of the material thats being given. Does this feeling eventually go away ? Is it usual or am I just weird ?



They are handed to you, because obviously you can’t do something you don’t know. It’s just important to read and really understand what you’re writing, and WHY you’re writing it. Little by little you start to remember certain things, and you’ll be able to think up new ways you can apply those things.


That is totally not true, what about having a saved version of each challenge you pass, which will be recalled upon when you start projects. I can remember spending almost 3hours on a challenge, before I got it right, how is that handing over.


Just wait until you get to the basic javascript section, haha! You’ll wish they were handing it to you. :slight_smile:


No way! I wanna learn and having things handed to you doesn’t teach you.


Haha! I know, I was joking. But for real, they are hard. I’m almost done with the intermediate challenges and the “handed to you” feeling definitely goes away, don’t worry. :smiley:


Basic javascript was easy - algos take time to get used to though…


When you were a baby, before you were potty trained; your parents/guardians changed your diapers for you because you couldn’t have known what to do, let alone how to do it. At the beginning of anything new you learn, there’s bound to be some spoon feeding. Eventually (coming soon), the potty training will begin.


You are just starting to learn. Give yourself a bit of a break and really let the material soak in. It takes a lot of repetition and time before things really click for any individual. If you are really uncomfortable, start applying the things you learn to a hobby project. That will reinforce the learning.


I can’t recommend this Udemy course enough if you feel like you want some traditional lessons. I would try to complete the FCC curriculum in tandem with this.


Keep going at it, never quit. It gets better as you keep learning. It’s like starting a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. At first you have a few corners done and maybe a little easy area, but it doesn’t look like anything yet - just a mess. As you add pieces together you start seeing what it’s going to look like, so you feel encouraged and now it’s easier to add more pieces, at some point you have lots of small defined areas; it’s just a matter of expanding them and eventually having them join together then filling in the holes. It’s much more complicated than that but you get the picture. There’s a lot to learn but it all gradually makes sense as you keep reading books & documentation, watching tutorials, doing algorithms, making projects, practicing practicing practicing, reading, (re)watching tutorials, making mistakes, looking up solutions for problems/bugs all over the place, etc… You got this.