I got a dev job after battling with mental health

I got a dev job after battling with mental health

Hey Anthony. Glad things worked out for you!
It takes a lot of effort to do things in life while also battling anxiety and other conditions like that.
Thanks for sharing your inspirational story and talking about these experiences!



Wish you all the best, and healing is on the way…

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Thank you for sharing. Your story has motivated me to continue to finish because I suffer from a neurological disorder called Hyperinsomia. It is a form of Narcolepsy, but the symptoms are not your stereotypical symptoms. No matter how much or length of sleep ones receive, one can fall asleep without notice and continue to perform the task while asleep for a short period of time. Dysthymia and sleep apnea are side effects if not treated. There are more side effects and symptoms, but they are dependent on the severity of the condition. I am under treatment now, but I experienced struggles in college and with everyday activities, too. My GPA dropped to 1.2, experienced 3 car accidents (unable to recall how), and tried to commit suicide before I was properly diagnosed and treated. Please, do not think that I am comparing your experience to mine. I truly believe that we must expel the myths about mental health within the workforce and create a friendlier and healthier environment for those battling with mental health. If you or anyone is interested in changing the talk about mental health in tech communities, please visit https://osmihelp.org/.



I am glad to hear that you overcome your struggles and welcome to the American dream, where you can work hard and succeed. I can advise you to follow https://www.youtube.com/user/TechGuyWeb/featured on youtube for all his great stuff on coding and watch his video on coding and dealing with depression and another video how to stay healthy. I recommend this channel for everybody on FreeCodeCamp His content is AMAZING!

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Throughout my 8 years of severe social anxiety, I have never in my life met or even heard of anyone else who has experienced anxiety to the same depth and intensity as you have just described, and yes, reading this gave me hope, but even more it made me finally believe that I’m not the only one who’s struggled so deeply.

Thank you for sharing this. Congratulations & keep it up (:



This is a beautiful story and it’s very encouraging to read everyone’s supportive comments! I know that I’m battling something that’s not yet diagnosed. It could be any of a handful of ADHD, or seasonal depression, or low self-esteem, or all of the above. I have a track record of chronic unemployment, stemming from internal issues. But I’m rediscovering my excitement for the mathematics and analytics that intersect with coding, especially statistical software. So I hope we all win our personal battles – after all, we’re all on the same journey together to be our best selves!



you are very brave! congrats!

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Dude, you’re awesome!

As someone who has had (and has the occasional spell of) depression, you’re an inspiration to me

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Good for you, man. I’m still struggling. Making headway, but still struggling.



Glad to see you pulled through, and with all the help you have gotten just remember - it is you who did it, you got help - sure, but your friends, relatives and doctors couldn’t have supported you if you didn’t make the first step and kept walking. Good job! Keep walking :slight_smile:

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Good job, mate. It’s hard, but you’re doing, we’re doing it. Reading this honesty makes me feel more secure in facing my own challenges. Thank you.

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Hello there.

A live in Brazil and 6 months ago I thought I was going to graduate. But after years living with insomnia and not even noticing it. I started having severe panic and anxiety crisis (same one I had as a child when my dad left). My life just fell apart completely in just a week.:

I’m not graduating. I had to step back from my internship at the university. I had to drop two research projects. Droping some clients (which the money I was looking for). My academic/professional life just froze.

As you can clearly see, I had to much on my plate. And not enough sleep, powered by large ammounts of coffee. First I thought I was going insane and I was ready to quit everything…

…but luckily the guys at my internship said: “No, step back for a while, get health and come back. We will keep paying you, quit only if medical order”. I was able to get help with my friends and family, started praticing sports. And I’m having medical assistence.

I’m just at the begging of my come back. And was amazing to read your history, it gives me hope, that things will get better. That I’ll find another way to keep moving forward. Thanks!



That is an amazing story. Also those are some lovable folks at the internship, I wanna hug them.
I am so happy to hear you are starting to regain a grip on things and more importantly hope. It’s so easy to push aside emotional health for academics because professional success can feel like life or death, and if Brazil is anything like Peru it probably is sometimes.

I’m sorry you have those memories, that sounds extremely traumatic. I’m glad at least that you know where these issues come from, and how little fault you have on them. Discovering those why’s was a life changer for me. I still don’t understand it but just knowing the reasons made life much more manageable. I still get panic attacks daily, but the guilt and worry are gone, and am able to see them the same way I see headaches.

Just wanted to send a big hug your way, and the best of luck in life (:



Thanks! I wanna frame that in my room now “Just keep walking.”



Thank you so much for sharing this… !!! Raelly proud of you for taking care of yourself and being able to do something that will secure your future too. Sharing your story means a lot…very encouraging. Congrats on your new job!!

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Thanks for sharing! That is really cool to hear. :+1:t4: Congrats on your new job!

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We’re all gonna make it :slight_smile:

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Stay Strong! :smiley: And, congrats for everything. Everybody is proud of you, and this give me strength too. thanks for sharing! And be happy :smiley:

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Hi Anthony,
That is great news. It is great especially good for me because I also struggle with an illness called, depression and have been working on it for some time. I have been pursuing several things but this is one thing that I feel interested in and motivated to do. It is good to know that ppl with or without mental health issues can talk about it and not feel embarrassed.

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Very motivational, ill never forget your story. Nice work man, best of luck! :smiley:

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