I got a job :-)

I got a job :-)

Many Many Congratulations Elise! As you know that we live in competition and the world has now become a global village. For that reason, we have to produce our hard work on continues basis. However, the area you have chosen is currently the best one as well as on demand. But make sure first you need to create your goodwill after that think about earning. It doesn’t mean you are not allowed to earn money, as you are working solely so for the time being earn a small profit and slowly and gradually go to higher.


Congrats and thanks for sharing. This is very encouraging for me as I am doing what I don’t really like and feel stuck. I work in the IT but not an IT gal, just doing some administration, marketing and stuff like that.

This is amazing. Congrats!

Thank you for sharing! This is very inspiring, your perseverance is admirable.

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nice! I very happy for you!

Congratulations and your advices are helpful

Thank you for sharing the story! It’s very inspiring to me [url=https://ufa007.co][url]: p

I was able to find good information from your blog posts.

Update? I’m curious how things have gone for you over these paste couple of years. I’ll be 40 in a couple years and I sort of always wonder how us mature folks are doing in the market.

Thank you so much for the success story. Very encouraging. I am still learning and pray that I will one day post a success story like this. Thank you for the advice.

Congratulations, and thank you very much for sharing your story. Stories like your gives us fun-employed folks hope and strengthens our resolve to continue down this path.

I wish you the best of luck in your new career path!

Hey congratulations!

Congratulations to you! Thanks for sharing your path. It is good for people taking these courses to hear a realistic story about what it may take to get your first Developer job.

Congratulations! I hope to be a full-stack web programmer one day too! Good story.

Congratulate you!
Best wishes at new job!

Hey guys listen,
It’s too simple to land on a job. so how to land on a job, Its interesting question.
Let me tell you some something –

  1. Try to make your passion in coding.
  2. Make tones of projects and share on github.
  3. Make a account on stackoverflow to solve other people problem, definitely you will learn something.
  4. When you make your resume so add these projects, stackoverflow problems in your resume.
  5. Always go to coding competition maybe you ain’t good at programing but try it.

Guys I think so

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Wow, congratulations! I’m amazed you’ve managed stay positive despite taking so long to land a dream job. Whether someone took 5 months or 5 years to get a job, I’m sure it’s totally worth it.

Hope you have a great time at your new company!

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very inspiring story, thankyou for this. this motivates me a lot! and also thanks for the advices about interviews. i hope i can get a job as well. you are right, we must love and be passionate about programming in order to get deeper in it.

Congratulations!:raised_hand: Thanks for sharing your story :+1:

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Thanks for posting :slight_smile: