I got a job :-)

I got a job :-)


Very inspiring. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Congratulations! Wish you have more success !
I got back to ‘You Don’t Know Javascript’ when read your story. It’s so inspiring


Congrats and thank you for the advice. :smiley:



Congratulations on your achievement. good luck you kill it out there. Just started FCC myself but i hope to join you in the industry at some point.



Congrats! Your story gives me the encouragement to keep up with trying to change my career.


Congrats I just started FCC last week wish me luck! Nevertheless it is up to each of us to realize our full potential in this field - WELL DONE Elise!

You go GIRL!


Congratulations of your achievement. Inspiration for many!



From the other side of the equation, I can’t stress this enough

[quote=“elisecode247, post:1, topic:119167”]
I know my stuff, I am a fast learner, I am a lifelong learner, I am passionate about programming and I have no doubt that I want to make it my career. [/quote]


Good job :slight_smile: I hope you have a great day


Wow, thats amazing! Congrats on the job. Go out there and show the world what you can do!!!


Amazing story! Thanks for sharing it. I just busy with no. 2. however, currently i’m taking a gap year and I thought why not try FCC.
good luck with everything. :wink:


Congrats on the job and thanks for the advice! Will def work that in to my interview process and resume =)


Thank you for sharing this, I feel like I’m on a similar path than you but I feel more determined now than ever, I wish I found FCC before signing up with thinkful bootcamp, I enjoy this bootcamp but it’s expensive to attend even if it’s one of the cheaper options.


Great to hear your story. Good luck to you!

You mentioned that the team looked at your github, I’ll bet the HR people did too. What did you have on your github at the time? Was it mainly FCC projects? side projects? Any suggestions for building up github that useful for the job hunt?


Congrats! Wish you the best!


Congrats! You inspire me!


I think you’re just…
AMAZING! :slight_smile:


TOTALLY understandable. Many of us are adults with responsibilities, full-time jobs we can’t afford to put a pause on, have kids, are exploring several other career opportunities, and dealing with distractions. I get annoyed when I read some posts from people on social media who are like, “Gee I finished this super difficult bootcamp online in half the time as everyone else. And I just got hired at a six-figure job.” While that is awesome, they fail to mention that they’ve been living at home, not working, they have no kids, they themselves are like 22, they have no debts, and had 10+ hours a day to dedicated to their studies, and friends at the place where he/she got hired. Also, they are a math and logic savant so everything made complete sense to them the first time around.

Those are the unique unicorn stories we hear about from time to time that make others feel less capable and less confident. I certainly have struggled with not being able to go at fill tilt the entire time I’ve been studying. Don’t deminish your accomplishments by having had a real life and
other things going on. Congrats! You earned this.


Great list of questions!


Great advice! It really does help to stop and take a break when things become frustrating.
But more over, your persistence is admirable. It’s good to hear stories like yours.