I got a job :-)

I got a job :-)


This is a great advice!


Congratulations! This post inspired me to focus harder on FCC! Thank you :grinning:


Congratulates mate, Thats really encouraing


Congratulations on not giving up and getting the job! It was great to read your story.


It’s glad to hear that you got job. Congratulation for getting jobs and thanks for sharing your experience of getting job. That really help us to build up our career .


That´s awesome! You´re awesome! Congrats :slight_smile:


great story, and I’m happy for you, I have one question: if I may ask, what was your age when you started learning code at your community college?
thank you


Congratulations that is awesome!


Congratulations, thanks for sharing your story, it has motivated me .


Congratulations… great advise regarding interviews.
I am currently new to coding coming from an accounting/hospitality background and learning new things here… and wish to achieve something similar in the long term.


Thank you for the encouragement friend. Thank you for the time and effort given for the post. Wish you the very best in future challenges.


Bes of luck dear… you are awesome. Thanks, FreeCodeCamp…


Congratulations!!! You just gave me some hope, I’m new to programming. Thanks for sharing


Many congrats to you!


Congrats! Nice post.


Gratz Elise! :heart_eyes:


That’s awesome, though what company is it?


Congratulations! <3
And thank you for such a nice post.


That’s awesome! Congrats! :tada: :tada: :woman_technologist: :tada: :tada:

It’s great to hear all the different paths people take to get a dev job. Thank you for sharing!


This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: