I got a job :-)

I got a job :-)


Congratulations! I too coming from a non-technical field, trying too hard to become a full-stack web developer. I started “Feebootcamp” almost a month now, and I am learning fast as I switch between different learning platforms and programming books. Stories like yours are very inspiring to new learners like myself.


Congratulation that’s awesome and thank you for your inspiring text.


Congratulations!!You are passionate!


I was also looking into the Flatiron School’s Community Powered Bootcamp (a real misnomer, that last word, since it’s totally self-paced) but thought that I should learn with FCC (and Codecademy and other free resources) first so as to make the most of my time paying for Flatiron’s community edition camp!

But how are you finding it? I’d appreciate any insight you could provide; I’m thinking about signing up as maybe a Christmas or even Valentine’s Day present to myself (LOL), by which time I expect to have gained enough technical competency to make the most of my dollars (not that it’s exactly expensive at $35/WK though Watch and Code Premium is $35/MO [and while nowhere near as polished and even extensive there’s so much more individual attention, it seems, given its much smaller size – which is, of course, both “good” and “bad”])…BTW, I think FCC used to be more “integrated” with GitHub many versions ago, like back when FCC was just getting started and the camping branding was still strong (and back when Github used a lowercase “h,” to speak of branding)…I actually thought that was a bit confusing at the time (and I’m only just beginning to get around to learning Git at last, never mind GitHub!) but I can see now how you say that integration from the beginning would be better…


Thank you for sharing the story! It’s very inspiring to me!!




u should try to apply for Wizeline in Guadalajara.
They are a dream company

I’ve heard a little bit about the growing tech scene and some SF people seeding companies there. I looked at Wizeline Academy seems like an excellent resource.

Browsing the Wizeline website a little bit I see they have offices in about 7 places in addition to Guadalajara:

San Francisco, NY Bangkok, Vietnam… hmm just need one in DC wouldn’t shock me if they expanded to DC eventually… it’s quite the tech hub these days. Some tech journalists write that its nipping at the heels of NY and SF even… Boston another good spot in US tech scene.


Congratulation! Well Done! You have worked very hard!


Congratulations! :tada:


Congrates on getting the job.


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Hey elisecode247, congratulations and thanks for posting.


Congratulations to your new job!




Great story and great advice! I especially agree with your implied comment about HR departments. Their job is to tell you there are no jobs. The way to find a great job is to talk with the hiring authorities–the people that can actually hire you.

I have a three page document that summarizes this approach and I’m happy to send it to anyone who requests it.

Btw, I recently retired from a 30 year career in IT consulting and training, and am currently helping several folks with their job searches.



First of all, congratulations! Second, thanks for sharing your story. I find myself at the beginning of this crazy journey and am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. You have proved that it just takes perseverance to help it all come together in the end.


Congratulations dear


From January, when I lost my job because of our R&D office was closed, I decided to be a software developer instea


Congratulations! Your story encourages me!


good job! :+1: (man, your lucky)