I got a new job!

I got a new job!

With all the progressive web apps there are, for sure it’ll be. And if not, you can always go React Native and develop for mobile? But for sure, it’s a promising career 10+ years from now on. Back in the 80s i believe or 90s( i wasn’t even born yet) they said programming is dead etc, look at us now :slight_smile:

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Congrats! a little question: is the job you got remote or onsite?


I have been learning how to program for a long time, but am still not sure about my knowledge. Tell me how you believed in yourself?


I tried to find a job after college for 3 months without any success. But after I published a linux software I made, I got 2 job offers within a week. It only took me 2 days to code the software.


Congratulations buddy!


Congrats! In the process of self-teaching myself. Just got out of college. Would you mind sparing some advice? With what language should I begin?


This might be late but, just trust yourself, don’t be so harsh, you’re still young & you have time. You might feel down some days but it’s important to always bounce back and you’ll get tthere


Smart move there buddy. You’re the real life evidence that people really don’t care about degrees but they care if you can code!


I’d go in depth js then learn some trendy framework . For example at my job I do React, React Native, Node.js, GraphQL(With apollo) and some small frameworks and i have recruiters on my head all day because react + node + graphql is very popular nowadays.


Reading through story is really inspiring and i’ll like to meet up to discuss more if you have the chance if you don’t mind. I live here in Bucharest, hopefully you are still in the country haha.