I got my first coding job too!

I got my first coding job too!


I have been using FCC since close to it’s beginnings in late 2014. At some point my account got messed up and I started again from scratch. Many many revisions of the curriculum later I am still plugging along. F/t work and sports made me an intermittent student at times, but I got hooked. I am a paramedic by trade, and a competitive boxer. I got into coding because it was something completely different than medicine and sports. I was interested in learning about mobile apps. Since then I have greatly enjoyed learning about ALL things coding. Besides web development I have become very interested in medical/bio hacking and learning about technology being used to better the world. ( Think access to education in underserved areas or 3d printing of medical devices.) I am near being able to transfer as a junior to finish my degree. I changed over to computer and cognitive science after I got into all this. …So, my degree isn’t done yet, and I’m nowhere near finished with FCC. I applied for a job doing web support and basic front and back end development. I referenced FCC and other resources I use such as Udemy etc and was totally straightforward about my NOOB status in the interview. 3 interviews later, and I am walking off the ambulance and into a salaried career with great benefits. After my 1st interview!! To top that , they are supportive of my school schedule -as it will make a me a better employee for them, and it’s a F/T 100% remote position. To say I’m excited would be an understatement, I get to do this for a living, and now I am getting paid to learn about software engineering. Now I am spending time reviewing and studying everything ever. I never dreamed when I started this program in 2014 that it would take me into an exciting new career. This program is no joke. I still have tons to learn but I feel I have gained a foundation to keep learning and to feel confident as I move in this new direction. Thanks FCC!!!


That’s awesome! Congratulations!
I hope you’ll still be an active part of our community and share your new insights and perspectives with us.


Awesome! In what city is the job located?


Congratz man :’) best of luck for the future!


That’s awesome, congrats! Just curious, how did you find out about the job?


Congrats, I hope you enjoy your new job.


Congratulations, Your post help me to be more active in FCC.


Congratulations bro…


Congratulations! That’s awesome, best of luck to you as you continue learning!


Wow! definitely inspiring… I am dreaming to lay a career path in programming, work remotely and travel the world. Hope this would be accomplished in the long run :smiley: Now I am more motivated to keep going through the courses
Good luck with your new job position and congratulations!


The company is SF Bay area based. I will be in Norcal.


Daily searching of craigslist, indeed.com and even listings on upwork, a freelancing site. I believe I responded to an add on Indeed.com. I started checking out listings early on so I could learn what companies are actually looking for.


Awesome! Congratulations on the job, Lisa!

It’s clear from reading your story that you have a tremendous amount of discipline, and that you have taken this career transition quite seriously. Thank you for sharing your journey so far.

Please keep us posted of how things go at your new job, and any insights you have that might be helpful for us, when time permits.

Also, welcome to the Bay Area :smile:


Thanks Quincy!! I will keep you guys posted on my new adventures.


Amazing!!! :slight_smile:

Really inspiring!


How inspiring, i’m working to get out of the tin can myself. Your success definitely made me feel hopeful for a career change in the future.


Congrats on your new career! I wish you the best on your journey.

Thanks for sharing your story.


Congrats! That’s so exciting. It’s inspiring to hear these stories as I’m learning and trying to transition my career. Best of luck in your new job and studies!


It’s difficult for me to express just how encouraging this is to me. Thank you very much for sharing!


Again, Thank you all. Enjoying my 2nd week reviewing javascript. Things change when it goes beyond practice problems for me. I am super stoked to start applying these concepts. I am also learning about the command line, Git etc etc. Super learning mode. I will keep you guys posted as I keep working on the FCC curriculum.