I got my first job (front end dev)

I got my first job (front end dev)

I am so sorry to hear you went through so difficult times as well. I find your story very relatable. When I was in university I have grown very unhealthy fear of failure. It have to fight with this fear on daily basis. I came across same problem. I know javascript syntax but not necessairly know how to program, how to make somehting useful. I plan to tackle it within next 2 weeks before I start work, hopefully some more practice will alleviate it.

I came across same thought of ‘fee = not good’ but when I have checked it, I liked course structure and that you get to tick off little challenges. I think it’s very motivating (+ 100 days of coding challenge is good too). Since then I have been recommending FCC to everyone who wanted to learn.

Think of your current job as temporary, I believe you can achieve your goals soon. Be persistent and try to do at least little bit everyday. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! you have a bright future and you will reap all the rewards for your hardwork. God Bless!

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Thank you for your encouraging words. I told my wife those exact words: “this is a temporary work.” I will keep practicing to achieve my goal.

I wish you the best in your journey and who knows, maybe one day we can work together.

Take care and keep up the positive attitude!

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Congratulations on the job!

Your story is so inspiring. Its definitely going to help me going forward and I believe it will help many others out here go a long way too - to the other side!

Cheers and best of luck for the future!

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Congrats on the job! I find it pretty interesting that although you seem to have only a hand full of pretty small projects, and even none of them is JavaScript, that you anyhow got that frontend job. Looks like we should apply earlier as we think.

But may I ask you something different: How do you like this SoloLearn website? Was the first time that I have heard from it. Looks pretty cool for learning, they even seem to have mobile apps for their service, which I really like a lot. Or did you only use it for sandboxing?

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I feel incredibly lucky to get this job . Netherless I am rather petrified to start.

I was initially learning from SoloLearn before I knew of FCC existence (and like I have mentioned earlier, I have associated ‘free’ part with ‘not good’). It’s ok for beginner to learn syntax but majority of courses are very beginner and you don’t get to memorize syntax anyway. I have just weird memory, I just memorized answers but not syntax. In short, I don’t recommend. FCC is much better. And yes eventually I have used it just for sandboxing, I wasn’t even aware of github then



Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m still waiting for the day that I can say the same thing and post ‘I got my first job’. I started way back in 2014 working full-time and trying hard to find time to code. Congrats and Good luck on your new Job.

I finished all the courses on Sololearn.com and I can barely code or memorize anything from Sololearn https://www.sololearn.com/Profile/1080820 hahahah! :disappointed:

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I believe enthusiasm is extremely important to get a dev job. Programming is just too difficult and too complex to do it without loving it or being enthusiastic about it. But there might be exceptions of course, dunno.

I think it also looks good that you have learnt Python, Java and web and have done projects in all of them. That showed them that you are capable of acquiring new technologies and doing something with it.

Good luck then! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are an epitome of an inspiration for new comers and coding passionate.

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Yeah sometimes its really hard to muster some strength after full day of work. I would recommend FCC courses over SoloLearn. In my case, I got to memorise things better and there is just much more material. Also courseworks on FCC are pretty good and help to build a portfolio



Great story, congratulations and good luck!

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Congratulations! All the best! :heart:

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Congratulations!! Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

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Irys13, thank you so much for this post!

I have always wanted to be a pilot as well, but my dreams got crushed early on because I was told I will never be able to pass the medical exam. I was bullimic all through high school and having that in my medical record apparentely showed I’m mentally unstable and therefore not qualified to be a commercial pilot. Because of that I fell even deeper in depression and the following years are just a blur. I didn’t have motivation for anything. Every chance I got I tried to escape my life by moving to different countries. Unfortunately you cannot escape yourself by moving to a different country, but that’s what I realized later on.

I got an opportunity to work for a californian start-up last year as a designer and I help in marketing a little bit, but I found my true passion in coding. I started to study a few months ago and I’m now completing Free Code Camp curriculum - my goal is to be one day employed as a front-end dev.

Your story inspired me so much and gave me extra motivation to keep going! Thank you!

If you ever want to talk , let me know - I rarely meet people with similar experiences as mine in life and it would be cool to talk to you.



Your story is very inspiring, you really are a strong person. I congratulate you!

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Hey @Irys13, thank you for sharing your story. I especially liked the part about your experience of the interview. All the best for your new job!

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Im very happy for you. Your story was inspiring to me. Im studying to become a web designer, html, css, bootstrap with a bit of JS and Jquery. Like one member said something about being scared of JS, trust me i am too, but just because its so huge and growing especialy in its frame works. But i guess JS so far for me is most important for DOM, to add some interactions and animations. Usually for help i use both FCC forum and StackOverflow, but i like FCC forum the most. Im very grateful for this community. I wish you all the best, and continue kicking ass :muscle:.



Hey irisy ,
be strong be brave , thank you for boost your
Love from Bangalore



Your story is inspiring me.

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Congratulations and Good luck to you in this new journey.

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