I got my first job (front end dev)

I got my first job (front end dev)


A great big, Congrats to you on lanfing that job,
Hoping that everything works out for you.
I am also just starting out fresh in coding and wanted to ask how long did it took you to land your first job?


congrats on the job this is a great story of inspiration.



Hey campers,
My first week at work have passed and… I have mixed feelings. The workplace is amazing. People are so kind and atmosphere is chill. There is even nintendo switch in dining room so we play mario kart on our break. My tasks are fun, challenging and exciting (at least for beginner).

The downside is me, my lack of confidence which turns into massive stress which blinds me from thinking straight thus I have made few silly mistakes. Filip is great guy to work with, always patient to answer my questions and willing to help me out. The downside is that I have major fear of feeling inadequate especially since I had… rather strange interview where Filip didn’t get to know me well. I was afraid that I’ll end up with task in language I have not a clue of and this is basically what have happened. I got a task to adjust something on website with jQuery. Guess who haven’t done jQuery ever like in their entire life (hint: me). I was mortified to see all of the $$$ holy cow what I am going to do now?!

In the end I got paid for learning jQuery. I came back home crying that I am working in such amazing place and I get to learn so much as well. In the end I have completed that task at home before going to sleep (my travel time is very long, I just get 2-3h of free time a day). Next day I have pasted code to the website, I was so proud of myself. Unfortunately it came out with error, I wasn’t gravely wrong with my code, its just in the end it is going to require complete rewamping as already written app wasn’t very flexible with additions. I think that Filip then felt a bit guilty for giving me this task. I am still quite excited about it, I just wish I didn’t stress so much.

This is what I have made in jQuery

I also recommend jquery, its fun to tinker around


Beautifully written. I wish you good luck!


I absolutely loved reading your backstory and how you landed this job… I also read your one week update and it sounds like you have an amazing team. Impostors syndrome is so cruel! But you are there, and you have the opportunity right in front of you. You’ve got this!!!


Hey, can you review my projects and give me suggestions,… should I go for interview or still study…



@Irys13 I like the simplicity and clarity of your portfolio. :slight_smile:
If you don’t mind, I want to create a portfolio with a design inspired from yours?