I got the Front End Libraries certification

I got the Front End Libraries certification

Hi campers,
Today I’m happy because I got my 3rd certification, It was a beautiful journey especially with React- really this last is awesome technology It took from me days to realize the React Concepts like state and props .

After completing FCC React challenges, honestly I didn’t felt that I can do big things But after watching this crash course https://scrimba.com/p/p7P5Hd/cV7M2uR I become able to complete my certification projects

I found also that without learning Html Css and Javascript you can’t move forward so my advice to dear campers to be patient and complete all the challenges in HTML CSS & JS

Happy Coding :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations on your hard work!

Thank you !!!

How long did it take?

Nice work! You’re on your way!