I have always been learning but still don't know what am good at

I have always been learning but still don't know what am good at

Hello everyone,
Its a big worry for me now. I only wish someone can help. I am very enthusiastic about learning. Especially in tech which is my world of interest. I have knowledge of several languages and a couple of frameworks. But then, I have this problem that I always feel am not good enough. I feel so strongly within me that I have to be making some earnings and a living out of this but my confidence is always shaky. As of now, I have learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, basic php, laravel framework and bootstrap. And I have not stop learning every day. But still, I can’t put food on my table. How am I suppose to do this? How are other developers succeeding with this ?

Why should people hire you? You don’t even have a portfolio. Your github has 0 contributions last year. 0 repos. How are people supposed to judge your abilities? :slight_smile: Writing some code would be a good start. Saying you “have learned” something = just words, people will want proof. Learning syntax of some language/doing some code-along-s != learning how to write quality code != working in production in a team setting and being a good fit. When it comes to getting a job the first one is pretty much irrelevant, the second one is important, the third one is paramount.

How many jobs have you applied to? If you are cold calling/CV spamming you’ll be lucky to get an interview 1/50 times. How many interviews have you failed? Failure is the best way to learn. Practice makes perfect. And a quick google search shows that you haven’t done much in terms of practice.

Maybe you should review your job hunting process. Maybe you should boost your online presence. Maybe you should rethink about how you present yourself. Maybe you should change the way you learn. Maybe you have to be honest with yourself and say you haven’t been working hard enough. Think about it. Good luck.

Thank you so much sir. This is very helpful. I will start with contributing to the opensource community and work with github. Also, set up a portfolio for myself. Thank you so much sir. I wish I could have a mentor in this regard…